Piano the Fun Way!

The Cascade Method

is a revolutionary way to teach piano. Students love learning to read notes, play new songs, and delve into music theory. With this method, we emphasize positive reinforcement and FUN techniques. We love to inspire students to discover the magic of piano and develop a lifelong passion for creating their own music.

The Cascade Method is proven to produce well-rounded musicians who find true joy in playing the piano.

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100 Days of Practice Worksheet


Training Program

was developed for piano enthusiasts who dream of passing the love of piano on to future generations. In this course, we train piano teachers (or aspiring teachers) how to instruct their students the FUN way! Guiding you every step of the way, we share all of our juicy methods and secret techniques to helping students become well-rounded musicians who are sincerely passionate about playing piano.

Tara is an extraordinary teacher and musician. She is warm and nurturing with our three young children, but also extremely effective — in less than a year, they can read music, perform on stage, and even play songs with some expression! Tara keeps them motivated and on task, while still keeping lessons fun. Tara is always professional and is an excellent communicator. We highly recommend the Cascade Method!

-Carrie Beard

Tara is an amazing teacher. She makes learning piano fun, and totally understands how to adapt to each of my son’s unique style and learning preferences. She keeps them always interested. She sparked their love for piano five years ago and kept the flame growing ever since.

-Lara Nuer

I feel that Tara’s method of teaching is very different which makes the activity exciting. Unlike most dull, old teachers, Tara is a young, insightful person. I have a lot of fun during her classes. She made my negative feelings towards playing the piano become nothing but positive thoughts. Five stars!

-Lucas, (Student, 13)

We develop musicians for life!

Our method of teaching piano engages children and gets them excited to learn new techniques.

Jeremi began piano lessons with Cascade Melody in 2010 at age five and has continued to develop his skills, now at the age of fourteen.